Who We Are ....

iConnect is a full service software development company focused on understanding our partners’ business needs and determining the most suitable path to reach their full potential through technology. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, iConnect specializes in filling the gap between business challenges and technology through; Applications Support, Custom Applications, Mobile Applications, analytics, Staff Augmentation and Quality Assurance.

Our Approach

Our preferred software development approach is Scrum Agile. By using this model we are able to offer a seamless and transparent development process where all parties involved are in continuous communication at all stages of the development cycle. We begin with a gap analysis meeting where we jointly compose a ‘story’ that describes what the final outcome will look like; if the final outcome is too complex for a story to describe, then a prototype is built to give full conceptualization of the solution.

The software development team consists of three different roles:

The Scrum Master, iConnect’s main contact with our partner, is charged with making sure all team members understand the Scrum rules and facilitates events between the team and our partner. The Scrum Master is important to the Product Owner and Development Team in different ways. This individual is responsible for making sure the Development Team creates quality products and coaches the team along the way as well as aids the Product Owner my making sure communication is clear and constant.

The Product Owner, our partner’s main contact person, is responsible for making sure the development process is in line with what they are looking for as a partner since they know their business needs better than anyone. Our Scrum Master will be in continual contact with the Product Owner, and the Product Owner will be involved in all meetings. The complexity of the project and the needs of the partner determine how much involvement the Product Owner will have.

The Development Team is comprised of iConnect’s top notch engineers. The key to the team’s success in our development project is because of the comradery and bond iConnect’s culture fosters.

Once the team is created and the development stage has started, we break the process into short intervals (typically two weeks) called ‘Sprints.’ At the end of each Sprint, our team and partners meet to discuss the progress and what needs to be accomplished in the next Sprint, this process is repeated until the final product is tested and delivered.

Why iConnect

We foster a culture that emphasizes “knowing the how and focusing on the why.” We have the experience and knowhow to build state of the art solutions and only recruit and retain those who are curious about what our partners are trying to achieve. This promotes an environment of innovation and creativity in solving our partners’ challenges.

Track Record

We tackle complex software challenges for organizations ranging from start-ups and established brands to Fortune 500 companies and treat everyone with the same attention and dedication.


We believe that investing in our employees allows greater relationships with our partners. By allowing a flexible work environment and providing the very best training, iConnect employees are loyal to the company. Employees who started working at iConnect between 2007-2010 have a 5.7 year retention rate; that is more than five times the industry average. Our high employee retention rate is especially helpful for our clients who have long term and consecutive projects. It also promotes a team culture that allows us to deliver high quality projects faster than others.

Track Record

By focusing on a group of core industries we maintain expert level service and knowledge for our partners.