Custom Applications Development

At iConnect we deliver custom applications to bridge the gap between off-the-shelf software and software capable of the needs of your business. We work with our partners through every step of the software development cycle and provide continuous support once the application is launched. Software that is easy to use and can perform the tasks at hand promotes employee and customer retention to give our partners a competitive edge. Scrum Agile is our preferred development approach to ensure constant communication throughout the entire process.


Powerful computing enhances data driven decision making. At iConnect we are the partner who will link your industry experience with the tools needed to leverage the data your business needs for success. We help our partners collect, sort, analyze, tabulate and convert data into meaningful reports that allow for more informed decision making. There are three different ways we help you do this:

Data Architecture

Guiding you through the process of picking and implementing the tools needed to create your data strategy.

Data Engineering

Building all the tools necessary to collect and integrate data.

Report Automation

Taking the manually produced and repetitive process out of report generation.

Quality Assurance

After software is built it still has to go through rigorous testing before it can be rolled out to the end users through a process called Quality Assurance (QA). iConnect has the ability to help partners build an independent QA team that ensures the integrity of the software development cycle and provides applications that are visually and programmatically flawless. Our QA team does both automated and manual testing as well as stress and performance testing prior to customer acceptance