We work closely with our clients to determine the best Service Level they need

Maintenance Level

  • Make sure the Access application is stable and bug free
  • Upgrade to newer versions of Microsoft Access
  • Assign a dedicated developer to work exclusively on your application
    Your dedicated developer works out of our offshore development center in an environment where they are collaborating with other software engineers who are dealing with similar challenges, making support more effective.
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  • Ensure the application is well documented to make it easier to maintain and improve
    Access applications typically grow organically within organizations and with very little documentation, making it difficult to maintain and upgrade. Your dedicated developer goes through and documents the code and creates new detailed documents to allow for easier future maintenance, upgrades and development.
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Development Level

  • All the benefits available in the Maintenance Level
  • Make improvements to the interface and processes
  • Add new modules to the Access application
  • Build additional web and mobile applications to work alongside the Access application

Re-engineering Level

  • When the time comes and your business needs outgrow Microsoft Access's capabilities, we will be there to help re-engineer your application and introduce a new one.

    We use Agile Methodology to re-engineer your Access application. This allows your team to continue working on the current Access application while our developers work
    on building the new one. As new components of the application are created, your team will try them out and test them alongside the Access application to make sure that everyone on the team is able to see how the new component works and give feedback that would allow our team to adjust functionality to the users liking. Once all the pieces are tested and put together, the old MS Access application will be retired and users will make the switch to the new application they are already familiar with.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you request a free quote, one of our technical account managers will contact you to assess if our service could help improve your application’s performance and reduce your running cost.

You can either call us directly at (815) 759-8498 or fill out the [free quote] form. We will then schedule an obligation-free phone call to determine how we can help and provide a quote.

Once a partnership is established, a dedicated software engineer will be assigned to your application. They start their assignment by visiting your office and spend time learning about the application first hand and getting to know the team members who use it. The developer will then return to our offshore office and work directly with your team on all the support and development needs of your organization.

We recommend that all of our potential customers talk to current partners who have benefited from increased efficiency, while saving thousands of dollars.

Partnering with iConnect to run your application can even bring your business more benefits:

  • We assign a dedicated developer to each partner which allows your business to have an insider in a technology company who can harness the benefits of working with a group of software engineers to add value your business.

  • Our method allows us to prepare your application for continuity and eliminates the reliance on a single developer to run the application.

Determining the exact monthly cost requires us to analyze your application as part of our free quote process. On average, using our services saves our partners 34% compared to using in-house developers. Determining the exact cost depends on your business needs and the complexity of the current application and each business and application are unique and require their own assessment.

Absolutely! The software engineer assigned to your application will visit and spend time at your company to get to know your team and see the application being used first hand.

Microsoft Access Support helps companies who are facing some of the following challenges:

  • Difficulty in recruiting and retaining software engineers. Finding developers who are willing to work on Microsoft Access and retaining them is difficult; iConnect solves this problem because our entire business model is built around recruiting and retaining top notch engineers for the benefit of small to medium sized businesses.
  • Limited access to modern tools (web interfaces, mobile, cloud and other applications) due to their reliance on Microsoft Access and/or lack of engineering talent.
  • High cost in running and maintaining applications. iConnect’s combination of Chicago based and offshore engineers allows us to reduce our client’s in-house software running cost by an average of 34%.

We have worked with many companies who have relied on one developer since they first started with Microsoft Access and that developer is now either retiring or moving on from the company. We understand the complexity and have the track record of handling it. To make the transition easier and put your mind at ease, we recommend you talk to our current clients to see how easy their transition was and how iConnect’s developers were able to handle their application.