Health Care

iConnect was initially established in 2007 to serve the healthcare industry through producing specialized EMR software along with other tools and applications. Our experience in healthcare stems from the company’s executives who have healthcare industry backgrounds. In addition, iConnect’s developers are trained on HIPAA standards and regulations as well developing secure application code to prevent data breaches. We have built applications that supports OSHA and workers compensation regulations in addition to having the software that has the ability to interact with medical devices.

Health care solutions

Call Center, Speechlog Recording System

Call Center

iConnect has a joint venture with Globitel, a leading call center solutions company, where we work together on providing highly customizable workforce management, quality management and voice recording products to our partners. Our solutions are currently used in more than 2,500 call centers around the globe.

Call Center, Speechlog Recording System

Professional Services

We know hiring in-house software developers is necessary but may carry a high opportunity cost. iConnect has the power to either build that software for our partners or provide the technical staff to work as if they are part of your own IT department. By utilizing iConnect’s offshore software developers, you are hiring developers who work within a larger software company. This ensures that the developers are staying up to date on all the latest technologies and are in an environment that fosters the exchange of ideas.

Information Technology, Networking

Information Technology

Our engineers and QA teams are excited to be the extension of your company’s core staff without acquiring the costs associated with hiring in-house. Our team members have the flexibility to provide occasional help on a project or to become part of your full-time IT Department.

iConnect vs. The Others

  1. iConnect’s offshore development team is located near top technical universities where we heavily recruit the best-in-class graduates. We do this by a variety of methods. For example, we host an internship program where the top ten juniors and seniors from the universities are chosen and put them through a four month training program. This internship program is one of many of the activities that iConnect conducts with the local universities to ensure that we always get the best of the best.
  2. The size of the countries we choose to build development centers in is small enough for mega corporations not to deplete talent from, but large enough for iConnect to provide our partners with top talent.
  3. We have the ability to build teams for our partners with anywhere from one to 50 developers within very short time periods.
  4. In addition to our offshore team, iConnect has talented staff in Chicago and the capability to easily and quickly fly our developers to our partners’ offices in order to discuss projects in person to promote fluid communication for both parties.
Information Technology, Networking