We work with our partners to recruit and hire software engineering talent that works directly out of our offshore office. This enables our small to medium size clients to gain access to better engineers who are more difficult to retain in the US.

No matter if you are looking for one person or an entire team, iConnect will find the right candidates.

Our partners can easily add or decrease team members to meet changing demands without worrying about the labilities of full- time employees or time constraints. No matter how many employees or the timeframe of the project, the developers you hire through iConnect are fully invested in your business and function as your own team. In fact, the developers you hire have the ability to visit your office at any time to make working together seamless.

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The candidate selection process is a 5 step method

  • 1 Discuss with our partner their needs and the type of candidate they are seeking
  • 2 Select candidates from a pool of highly talented and skilled individuals
  • 3 Screen the best candidates for their technical skills, personality and English ability (reading, writing and speaking)
  • 4 Allow our partner to interview the top three candidates to gauge the best fit for their team
  • 5 Extend an offer to the best candidate or continue looking

Why we do it?

It is increasingly difficult to recruit and retain software engineering talent in the US while other parts of the world have an oversupply of talent.

In our experience, team members hired through offshore staff augmentation are more dedicated and work for our partners much longer than direct-hire employees.

When employees are dedicated and stay on projects or with companies for a long time, they create a better understanding of the work and what is required making them very efficient. Our partners also have the option to buy out their contracts if they prefer to bring the developer in-house.

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Hiring offshore staff through iConnect reduces the overall development cost by an average of 34% while increasing quality.